Preamplificator microfon

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The VoiceMaster Pro is a single channel, Class A microphone preamplifier with latency-free monitoring that ensures direct and delay-free mix control. Tools such as the voice-optimized EQ, Vintage Harmonics and Tube Sound allow for further customization of the source.

Single channel Class A microphone preamplifier
Clean, musical signal path
Stereo latency-free monitoring
Optical expander for removing ambient noise and headphone bleed, without signal pumping
Vintage Harmonics
Ensures the vocal sits prominently in the mix
Octical compressor with the routing flexibility of a “post EQ” switch
Tube Sound
Valve emulation technology for adding “warmth” without the unpredictability of real tubes
Voice optimized EQ
Optical de-esser taken from the ISA430 Producer Pack with “side chain” listen
Microphone, line and instrument input
48V phantom power for use with condenser microphones
Comprehensive metering